Saturday, 22 October 2011

Whiteheads Bottom - The Build Up

This Sunday me and Ryan will be hitting Whiteheads in Ainsworth for a day session. The lodge holds a nice amount of carp the heaviest being a hight 20.

Ryan used to fish both Whiteheads Top and Bottom many years ago and is looking forward to visiting again and seeing if he can catch a few familiar faces.

We are going to be trying out alot of new baits over the next few months with alot of carp trips booked in.

Whiteheads Bottom is on Gilburn Road which is just off Lowercroft Road in Ainsworth. It is cheap to fish and you pay on the bank.

Wish us luck and whatever the result we will post lots of pictures.


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  1. hope to learn a bit more about carp fishing from reading your blog